Prompt: There is a power outage! What do they do?

Beware of Darkness
11 June 2003

George sat curled up in a corner of the elevator, or at least Paul thought he did. He couldn’t see him but he had heard him sit and he knew George well enough to know he probably had his knees hugged to his chest with his face buried between. “We’re going to suffocate,” George stated from the darkness.
“It’s only been ten minutes,” Paul chided. In truth, it might have been longer, he wasn’t sure. “I’m sure they know we’re stuck and are working to get us out.” Paul always had to be optimistic; it was his nature. He heard George shuffle on the floor like a lost snuffling mouse. He rocked back on his heels. “Are you afraid?” he questioned into the void. He thought he heard George nod. “You don’t have to fear the dark,” Paul reassured him.
“I don’t,” George answered but his voice sounded thin. Paul felt sympathy well in him and he moved carefully, finding the far wall with his hands. He then slid down to sit beside George.
“Don’t fret, George,” Paul soothed. He reached a blind hand out and found George’s shoulders, pulling the younger man to him. He stroked his hair softly and kissed the top of his head. George suddenly melted into Paul, wrapping his arms around him. Paul gasped in surprise but held him back, fondly stroking the shaking man’s back. “I’m here,” Paul comforted lovingly.
George pressed warm lips against the curve of Paul’s neck and whispered, “Thank you.”